Book Spine Poetry

If you’re friends with me on Facebook (which, let’s face it, everyone who’s reading this probably is), you’ll have noticed my sudden interest in book spine poetry.

It all started two days ago when I was brainstorming picture ideas for the header. I’d remembered hearing about this idea somewhere–probably in high school–and had always been interested in trying it out. In the subsequent days, I’ve gleefully raided my bookshelves to try my own hand at it, as well as done some research on the subject.

From what I can tell, book spine poetry was popularized, if not invented, by Nina Katchadourian in 1993. Since then, book spine poetry has become a somewhat well-recognized art form, around which various sites and contests have been developed.

If you’re interested in reading some book spine poetry, 100 Scope Notes has a good collection.

Below are some of my poems.


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