Turning a New Leaf in the Big Apple

Why hello, my darling readers. Long time no talk. (We’re going to ignore the random book review I posted over a month ago.) I have missed you, and my blog. But changes are on their way! You may have noticed the new look. And the new title. And… the new URL.

That’s just the beginning.

I don’t know about you, but 2015 has been a doozy of a year for me. In January I was still in college. Since then, I’ve graduated with a B.A. in English, concentration in Creative Writing. I made one of my best decisions ever and attended the Publishing Institute, held every summer at the University of Denver. And then…

I moved to NYC.


I did the insanely crazy, most likely stupid thing and decided to move to a city–the second-most expensive city in the U.S., the city that never sleeps, the antithesis-of-introverts-everywhere city–having never in my life even visited. The first time I came to NYC, I was apartment hunting (which is a whole other story).

Did I mention insanely crazy? Most likely stupid? You see why.

But I did it. And I made the choice because I want to make it in publishing. Trade publishing. Fiction. Genre. The romance genre? And really the only place for that, the only place where job opportunities pop up with any semblance of regularity, especially when trying to break into the editorial track, is NYC.


Now that I’m here I’m familiarizing myself with the book scene… and it is hoppin’.

So, in addition to the new look, new title, etc., etc., there will be some new content.

Starting us off will be the introduction of a new series called… (wait for it)… (it’s really good, I promise)…


Get it? It’s a pun. Tours of bookstores. Bookstours.

Right. Anyway, my favorite thing about NYC is the plethora of independent bookstores. They. Are. Everywhere. And each one is unique. The bookstours series will be focused on reviewing each of these hallowed places.

I won’t just be reviewing NYC bookstores, though. Nope. The idea for this series was born with the help of the super snarky, tea-loving, Tarot-card-reading, teller-of-German-fairytales-involving-hedgehogs… LIBBY! (Please ask her about the fairytale. You won’t be disappointed.)

To honor this joint mission, we will be guests on each others’ blogs as well as continuing on afterwards, reviewing bookstores wherever we shall travel.

But for now, stay tuned. Fun stuff is on the horizon.


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